Publish a elixir library that broadcasts all repo insert updates and deletes (The big elixir talk)

May 31, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

show how pattern matching and genservers can make for a robust notification system

create a library from this that makes this functionality easy.

this library would extend repos function to Broadcast.Repo.insert or Repo.broadcast_insert or something….

this library could also use a macro to help define the genserver in a much easier way. perhaps

# mix.exs
extra_applications = [..., :simple_listener]

# listeners/something.ex
defmodule SomeOnesListener do
  use SimpleListener
  def handle_info(%Appointment{}, :update, %{...} = new, %{...} = old) do
    # ...
  def handle_info(%Appointment{}, :insert, %{...} = new, _old) do
    # ...

you could show how one genserver to house your notifications is easy but you can easily expand it to be a genserver per notification type.