What is hard about remote work and what you need to hire for

May 31, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

(1/5) I often am asked “How do get my first remote developer job” and I think it’s good to approach this from the perspective of what is hard about having a remote team and thus what traits are people looking to hire for. Lets begin.

(2/5) ⭐️ Experience. You can’t hire a junior dev as a remote company. Remote work provides friction to asking for help and the lack of experience combined with imposter syndrome junior dev’s have make the mentorship process nearly impossible.

(3/5) ⭐️ Communication. Conversations are often brief, asychronus and over text. Whoever you hire must be shown to be a clear written and oral communicator.

(4/5) ⭐️ Self motivating with an aptitude for learning. Because it’s harder to ask for help or to bounce problems off coworkers you need someone who shows they are both motivated to learn on their own and can learn on their own.

(5/5) To develop and demonstrate all of this I always recommend to: Learn new technolgies often, write to teach someone else what you learned, repeat.